Day 14 – Stay Hydrated

Yeah, the Dos Equis guy has no idea what he’s talking about.  “Stay Thirsty”  Ha!  He don’t know.  The trick is to stay hydrated.

I’m saving so much money since I stopped drinking soda.  I’m not stopping by gas stations for a drink all the time, there’s no reason to buy coffee in the morning, and I’ve even stopped buying Gatorade and other sugar-filled drinks. The problem?  I forgot to drink anything at all.  Yes.  I simply forgot to drink water for almost an entire day.

Needless to say I was feeling a little ill this morning.  It honestly felt like a really bad hangover, but thankfully I knew exactly what was going on.  Any master alcohol consumer knows the “OMG I NEED WATER!” dash to the bathroom.  A few cups of sink water and a shower took care of everything.  I still can’t believe I simply forgot to drink anything.

You are not likely to forget like I did, but here’s a heads up anyway.  Make sure you are hydrated at all times.  This is a known mood booster, and drinking lots of water keeps you from feeling like ass.  You’ll need the extra H2O anyway if you up your exercise like I did.  It’s a strange thing to sweat during the winter months, but it feels good once you get used to it.

Here’s a good money saving tip.  Stop buying bottled water..  it’s a rip-off.  Get yourself a pitcher with an attached water filter.  I found one at a local Kroger outlet for less than $20.  Simply fill it up at night before you go to sleep, and BAM!  You have enough water to get through the entire day.  Buying bottled water all the time adds up, and I’m sure you could use that money for other things.  Like pot?

Drinking plain water all the time gets old, but it’s so much better for you than a “sports” drink loaded with toxic chemicals and sugar.  Do yourself a favor and read up on Aspertame sometime..  I can’t believe I drank that garbage for so long.  Anyway, try adding some (organic) lemon or lime juice to your water.  It makes it much less boring, and a little more enjoyable to drink (at least for me).  Try it.

Until next time.  “Stay hydrated my friends”

Day 13 – Buy A Recorder (For Many Reasons)

A word of advice for those trying to quit caffeine like I did..  brace yourself.  I endured a butthole of a headache last night for well over an hour.  Don’t let that scare you though.  Everything was great once I managed to fall asleep.  The headaches, cravings, and grumpiness were all gone the next morning.  The fuzzyness will stay with you longer, but you can handle it.

The best ideas always come to me in the car.  The combination of weed and music contributes to that a great deal.  Anyway, there is little opportunity to write anything down during my commute, so these ideas are easily forgotten.  Motley “The Fish” came to me this morning.  The name of some random character in a book I’m not writing.

Motley “The Fish” and six others are trapped in a medieval tavern overnight.  A lord was murdered during the summer festival (an arrow through the spine if you must know), and our seven characters are all suspect.  The late lord’s brother is on his way to witness their deaths himself, and Motley has very little time to prove his innocence.  He hopes to find the culprit with the aide of Hilda (his guard sweetheart on the outside) and his legendary tolerance for alcohol.  Expect the funny.

Sounds pretty dumb right?  Maybe, but it could be something amusing given time.  These ideas will never become anything unless I save them, so I purchased an Olympus digital recorder.  A Note Corder DP-10 to be exact.  This gives me the chance to save book ideas, freaky ass dreams, and the occasional philosophical debate with friends.

I’m actually terrified to start writing anything, but I feel better know I’m not losing any material.  Forgive the randomness of this post..  I’m still waiting for my brain to return to 100%.  Stupid caffeine.

Day 12 – More Withdrawals! (A Post About Caffeine)

“Skinny Bastard” is the perfect health book (for men anyway, Skinny Bitch for women). Don’t let the title fool you. You will find plenty of life-changing facts and statistics within these pages. I’m six chapters in myself, and I’ve already decided to cut caffeine from my diet.. completely. I’m making it a point to avoid Aspartame like the Plague for the rest of my life too. Why?

Because some random lady recommended this book to me in a coffee shop of all places. The best things in life happen that way. Anyway, the caffeine withdrawals are pretty mild so far. A slight headache and a foggy mind are nothing compared to smoking withdrawals… which I suffered through last week… wow. Glutton for punishment maybe?

But here is the amazing thing. I don’t feel miserable at all. My body is actually starting to thank me for all the effort I’m putting in. It’s easier to breathe, I’m not sleepy 24 / 7, and my lady even caught me in front of the mirror this morning. Was I flexing? Hell yes I was flexing. 100 sit-ups and 60 push-ups a day are starting to show some results. Not to mention the jogging, jump-rope, and pull-ups I managing to sneak in each night.

Dropping caffeine would normally be difficult for me, but my confidence is in high gear right now. I’m totally ready to tackle some crazy stuff this year. What’s something that makes you happy? I’d love to try it.

Day 11 – Lets Go Vegan

I’m a huge fan of chance encounters and random conversations.  That’s the result of reading Danny Wallace’s ‘Yes Man’ not too long ago.  If you’re looking for more excitement in your life..  read that book.  Where do all of these random encounters usually take place?  The coffee shop of course.

You can talk about anything in a coffee shop, and very rarely is there an exchange of names.  Who needs a name when you will most likely run into them again the next time you crave a cappuccino?  This morning I was talking to a woman close to my age (I’m 27 by the way) about politics, then marijuana legalization, then food (imagine that).  Turns out she was a dietitian, and a very nice one at that.

I didn’t tell her about my year-long experiment, but I did tell her that I wanted to change my diet entirely.

“What are your goals?” she asked.

“Get skinny and feel healthy without breaking the bank” I replied.

“Not concerned with muscles?”

“Nope.  Skinny and healthy sounds good to me.”

“Skinny Bastard”  she said immediately.  “Just Google ‘Skinny Bastard’ and get started..  you’ll thank me later.”

So that’s what I did.  Yes, I broke my “no internet browsing” rule to check this out.  It only took a moment to learn that this was a diet plan, and an audio book was available through Audible.  That’s all I needed to know.  I purchased the audio version through an iPhone app, and I’m starting tomorrow.  All because of some random encounter in a coffee shop.

So I’m a vegan now?  If it makes me happy, and I get the results I want..  then yes.  I’m a vegan.  I have no idea what I’m getting into with this, but I’ll be sure to post the results over time.  Time to start eating better!

Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael would be ashamed.

Day 10 – Give An Impassioned Speech

My car insurance went belly up in October.  This bill, and that’s all it is (a bill), is payed once every six months.  No reminders in the mail, no phone calls, no email alert, no warning what-so-ever, and that’s to be expected.  You pay it up again when it’s time to get an inspection sticker, new plate, or otherwise.  You know..  when you absolutely have to.

Some of you may disagree, but I think car insurance is the dumbest thing the human race has ever come up with.  My current state charges about four times as much as any other state for this nonsense.  Good drivers are getting shafted by this pyramid scheme.  Constantly maintenance and care for your car?  They don’t care.  Always obey the speed limit and use caution?  They don’t care.  Have a flawless driving record deserving of a medal and / or award ceremony?  Ha!  You probably have to pay an award ceremony fee.  (your invitation is in the fine print..  sorry you missed it bro)

All of that is fine.  It’s just one of those things you have to do in life.  “Death and Taxes” as they say.  Until a police officer shows up at your parent’s home demanding to know where YOU are because YOU didn’t pay your car insurance on time.  I was TWO weeks late on my payment, and the cops were on the hunt to collect the tags on my car.  “What the !#%&” is the only phrase that came to mind.  And besides..  I haven’t lived under my parent’s roof for over 10 years.

I decided to dodge the bullet (thanks to my step-mom for the warning), and pay for another six months of insurance.  No need to lose my license.  I decided to visit the police station to clear things up and put this whole mess behind me.  Here’s the next two hours in a nutshell.  The officer sent me over to the DMV, the DMV had no idea what I was talking about and suggested I call the insurance company, the insurance company said they have nothing to do with tag collecting “Call the police station” they said, so I did, and the whole damn merry go round started again.

All of this because I missed a payment by two weeks.  That’s enough.  I’m sick and tired of these people taking more and more and more of my hard earned money through questionable means.  I’m not entirely sure what they did was legal, and I swear to you I am looking into it.  All of this stress had to be released..  I was about to blow..  and thus my brilliant idea was born.

Give an impassioned speech.

You ever get really mad at something?  Of course you do..  probably all the time.  LET IT OUT.  Take about 10 – 30 minutes and just vent.  I decided to call the insurance company, ask for a supervisor (because no underling deserved to hear this), and proceeded to give a 30 minute speech that would give the founding fathers an erection.  I made sure they were well aware of the unfair rates I was paying, the possible defamation of character charges because my childhood community now thinks I’m a criminal, and how I remember a day when a company knew you by YOUR NAME and not Customer #245331292!!!

It was an epic rant, and it felt good to get that off my chest.  I’m not done though..  I’m going to make sure people in my community know about this, and continue to look into the legality of the whole situation.  I mean really.  Does it make sense to send a cop to a person’s home if they simply do not drive the car anymore?  No.  When a cop knocks on your door you think “Who’s Dead?”  not “Holy crap I didn’t pay the insurance!” ..  This is just another sad example of how corporate greed is ruining everything.

Sorry about the lengthy post.  Am I overreacting?  Or am I on to something here?  I’d love to hear what you think…

Day 9 – Relax Man, You Have A Long Way To Go (A Post About Marijuana)

This has been a great weekend.  Playing Skyrim to death, hanging out with my brother, and catching up on sleep were all much needed.  Relaxation really makes a difference when the stress begins to pile up.  So from here on out I plan to relax as much as possible.  This could cause problems…

I have to come out of my shell if this experiment is going to succeed.  I can’t be scared to share anything with you (the reader).  For this to be an accurate depiction of my life..  you are just going to have to know some things.  Like the fact that I smoke marijuana on a daily basis to calm the nerves, promote creativity, and most of all chill out after a long day in the office.

I don’t want you to think of me as a hippy, or a bad parent for that matter.  Marijuana gets such a bad rap these day due to propaganda that simply isn’t true.  I smoke before going to the office, at lunch time, and as soon as I get home (basically all the time).  I’ve received several promotions and raises over the years at my job (which is media related), and my son couldn’t be healthier / happier.  Marijuana reduces my stress, but it does not turn me into a bumbling zombie without ambition.

It’s a shame I could lose my son for saying any of this, but someone has to say something.  Marijuana has been a major improvement to my life in so many ways.  I honestly couldn’t recommend it enough to those of you who suffer from stress of any kind.  I know I’m going to take some heat for posting this, but I’m just being honest.  As far as this experiment goes..  Mary Jane is here to stay.

When you walk into my home you immediately notice the massive collection of books and magazines that line the living room walls.  You can find anything from philosophy to sociology to classic literature in those shelves.  Reading is a fundamental part of my life, and there is nothing more relaxing than reading a good book.  But..  I’ll have you know..  there is a stack of High Times as tall as a tree hidden behind all of it.  Smoke on brothers and sisters…

Day 8 – Let It Grow

My hair in high school was something to behold.  Brown locks that flowed down past the shoulder blades.  I was the wielder of a most impressive headbang.  Today, my hair is short and I have no idea what “heavy metal” is anymore.  Which makes sense considering my place in the business world.


Life is all about what makes you happy.  I’m not sure what long hair did to improve my life, but I know I miss it.  I needed a way to keep track of my experiment anyway.  So here’s what I’ve come up with.  I’m not cutting my hair, at all, for the entire length is this..  whatever.  At least I don’t have to worry about my bi-monthly haircut.

I know my posts have been rather short of late, and that is due to spending time with my brother.  I was tempted to let him in on my project, but keeping this a secret seems like the best idea for now.  It’s more interesting to see if they pick up on the changes themselves.  Besides, being in shape should raise a few eyebrows in a few months.  I’m already seeing a difference, and that’s awesome.

Tomorrow I’m kicking the relaxation up a notch.